Our longstanding media relationships with magazine editors, newspaper reporters, television producers, talent bookers and bloggers combined with a keen eye for creating targeted and poignant messaging allow for us to obtain top-tier and impactful placements for you and your brand.



We’ll work for you, and with you, to help you refine a representative identity that will be sure to resonate with the right people. Our employees are well equipped to forecast trends and, thus, predict how a product or service will appear from an outsider’s perspective.


Event Planning

“Stunts” are what we do. By brainstorming innovative ways to interact with both current and aspirational audiences, we’ll strategize and devise bespoke experiences aimed to engage and excite.


Viral Marketing

They’ve been tried and tested for over a century, but according to Entrepreneur, one of the top 10 most successful publicity stunts of all-time can be attributed to our founder, Neil Alumkal. By melding our imagination with our experience, we excel at creating catchy, attention-grabbing campaigns that easily translate into headline-making news.



Our employees keep a watchful eye on the market and are passionate about gauging consumer sentiments towards both technological and aesthetic trends. We can help create visual components for your brand that will adequately and creatively represent your core values across a wide array of mediums.